Pre-employment screening provides the opportunity to establish medical clearance, and employee baseline information prior to working within the workplace.

  • If an employee has been provided with a medical evaluation addressing respirator use, as required

       by another chapter, that evaluation will meet the requirements of this section.

  • Using a respirator can create physical risks for an employee each time it is worn. Review of the Medical Evaluation form by a Licensed Health Care Professional (LHCP) will determine if an employee is permitted to use an Air Purifying Respirator within the workplace. WAC 296-842-14005

Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT) is a best practices option used to accurately determine worker lung function. Review of baseline information by a Licensed Health Care Professional (LHCP) will help to determine if an employee can safely utilize an Air Purifying Respirator (APR). WAC 296-840-145

Effective respirator use training must be provided, completed and documented in order to establish an understanding and baseline of compliance within an employers establish health and safety programs. Additional training  is to be provided and documented annually to employees that are required to participate in an establish respirator safety program.  Please refer to the following link for a complete description of annual respirator use training. WAC 296-842-16005

Initial and annual respirator fit testing will confirm proper fit of personal protective equipment (PPE).. Completion of the medical evaluation, surveillance, and training process, establishes the physical capabilities of an employee required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as an air purifying respirator (APR). Proper fit of the respirator is critical to employee health and safety while working in a hazardous environment. A properly fit respirator can be issued to employee with a full understanding of use and care within a hazardous environment. WAC 296-842-15005

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